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Currently Offering “Managing The Future”
“Managing The Future” (MTF) is a workshop designed to give participants a set of tools that enables them to initiate and manage change in their life. People who have taken it learn to create new opportunities and often move to a new level of performance and fulfillment in their life.

One of the benefits of this workshop is a measureable increase in well-being. We asked participants to rate their well-being before and after the workshop. On a scale of 1-10, with ten being the highest, almost half rated their well-being as less than five prior to the training. After the training, three-fourths of participants rated themselves at eight or higher, and no participant rated themselves below five. These results are remarkable. The tools taught in the workshop increased their ability to make changes by refocusing and eliminating negative energy.

Other Benefits of “Managing The Future”:
Develop a plan for expanding comfort zones
Increase choices and effectiveness in taking steps towards achieving goals
Decrease stress
Get out of old ruts
Improve relationships and communications
Balance priorities
Improve decision making
Find more fulfillment in life

This workshop is available both for individuals and groups. 

We are also reaching out to people who work directly with the community. We recognize that their service is extremely valuable to the quality of life in the communities they serve. As they meet the needs of the community, they are exposed to stress and anxiety on a daily basis. We are honoring them by offering smaller workshops in their line of service. Please call Kendall Jones for more information.